In the tradition of the Trout and Salmon Lodges of the past century, Rivertown Gallery offers a very unique art form for the discriminating angler.  We have revived an artisan trade that takes your fishing passion to a new level, honoring your catch in the tradition of a hand carved wood replica.

Duane Hada oversees the production and puts the finishing paint and detail to the carving process.  Rick Hawley, an incurable perfectionist, brings his skill to life in wood – they make a great team.  The final product is a very accurate wood replica of your fish.  We take great pride in these creations and want you to have a quality product. Each fish is meticulously measured and meticulously hand drawn by Duane, then Rick begins the carving process.  After the fish is carved, inspected, and any small changes perfected, Duane starts the painting process.  Each fish receives several layers of paint to achieve the depth and detail of a real fish.  A final coat of several layers of clear finish, a personalized oval board with name plate, and she’s ready to hang for years of enjoyment!

The Hardy Brothers among other famous sporting outfitters, had artists on staff to commemorate the catch of large salmon or sea trout for the lodge wall.  These were exquisite specimens of art that are some of the most collectable of rare antiques today.  Join us here at Rivertown Gallery, as we revive the “art of the fish” with your next catch.

Rivertown Gallery, where your fish become art.


Customer Review: "I had my 30” Brown Trout done up “The fish of a lifetime” the perfect crowning touch to my sporting life décor.  I couldn’t be happier.  These guys did a great job!"

Rick McKean

Cheyenne, WY

brown trout carving.jpg

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